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Brokerage service for raw materials used in the animal fee and petfood industry.
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            Product Scope

The Petfood and Animal Feed Industry demand a forever increasing spectrum of ingredients, products and raw materials, as dictated by customer demand.

  • For Petfoods:  animal fats and animal meal.                               
  • For Animal Feed: different oils and ‘exotic’ products (e.g. Cocoa Hulls).
  • For organic fertilizers: feather meal, vinasses.
  • For the chemical industry: special oils.

This list is far from exhaustive and merely serves to illustrate the business we are in.
Products are generally supplied in bulk, but occasionally in ‘Big Bags’ or smaller sacks of 25kg for certain products.

For all clients, samples of products, together with sampling analysis and/or technical specification sheets, are always available. 

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